Achieve Your Career Goals with Nouveau Coaching

Programs Designed to Help You Get Your Hustle On

Monique has been mentoring, advising, and counseling professionals and entrepreneurs on ways to advance in their careers and businesses throughout her career. She's helped her proteges with breaking through barriers that prevent them from achieving their goals:

  • Feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your current role
  • Trouble with making the leap to the next level in your career
  • Applying to multiple jobs without success
  • Resumes that don't reflect your true talent and experience
  • Determining the right career path based on your skills, interests, and passions
  • Making a career switch, whether it's changing industries or pursuing a different discipline or function altogether

Career Coaching Services Tailored to Your Needs

Monique provides you with a number of coaching options that are tailored to your needs and career goals.

Package #1: The 5C s Framework
Price: $1,000

Ideal for early-in-career talent just starting out or mid-career professionals looking for a boost to revitalize their career journeys, this package includes:
  • One free discovery session
  • Six individual weekly sessions
  • Email correspondence to answer questions and check progress as needed
  • OPTIONAL BONUS SESSION: 30-day checkpoint after completing sessions to review your progress on implementing your career plan

Session Plan

  • Discovery Session: Understand your career journey and goals for your life and your career
    The 5 Cs
  • Session 1: Competence
    Skills assessment/inventory
  • Session 2: Cache
    Personal brand and getting clear about who you are, what you stand for, and why people should care
  • Session 3: Communications
    Storytelling for success in your career
  • Session 4: Connections
    Building a network that reinforces your career goals
  • Session 5: Coaches
    Identifying mentors, role models, and sponsors who are invested in your success
  • Session 6: Putting it All Together
    Career plan
  • BONUS Session (optional)
    Review progress on career plan

Package #2: Resume Rejuvenation
Price: $300

Even if you’re not looking for job right now, we all need a resume "at the ready" when the next job opportunity presents itself. In these days of ChatGPT and Bard, it’s tempting to rely on AI for resume shortcuts. And then there are the professional resume writers who charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to produce a resume that may still not deliver the desired results. No one tells your story like you do, and the first rule of "Resume Rejuvenation" is that you need to write your resume yourself.
This package to breathe new life into your resume includes:
  • One free discovery session
  • Two individual sessions
  • Email correspondence to answer questions, review up to two drafts, and check progress as needed

Session Plan

  • Discovery Session: Understand your career journey and goals for your life and your career
    Get the Resume Right
  • Session 1: Review current resume - i.e., details about your career journey, relevant experience, key accomplishments - and identify opportunities to improve how you tell your story
  • Session 2: Get out the pen - i.e., collaborate on format, copy/content

Storytelling for Professionals (90-Minute Workshop): The Work Doesn’t Speak for Itself
Group Price: $150/person for groups up to 10. Contact Monique for pricing for groups larger than 10.

Don’t think that you can just show up at your job and your boss and coworkers will appreciate your awesomeness and recognize and reward you accordingly. You have to be a fearless promoter of yourself and your work, and that means your storytelling must be purposeful and oriented towards action. In this 90-minute workshop, learn how to develop your story to meet your audience's needs and give them a clear outline of the actions you want them to take while establishing a personal, emotional connection with them.

1:1 Coaching with Monique
Price: $200/hour

If you'd like to simply to work on a specific topic or issue in your career on your own time at your own pace, you can connect with Monique for a personalized 1:1 session.

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